The Telecommunications Division

General Information and Division Organization

The Telecommunications division, located in Chania, Greece, is part of the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of the Technical University of Crete. It consists of two laboratories; the Telecommunications laboratory and the Information and Computer Networks laboratory. The laboratories have wide experience in the Computer Communication Networks and Communication Systems research and applications areas such as: Currently, the Laboratory's staff consists of four Professors (Profs. M. Paterakis, V. Digalakis, N.Sidiropoulos, Alexandros Potamianos, George Karystinos and Athanasios Liavas), two visiting professors, (I.Vardiambasis and S.Tsakiridou), three research assistants, and the Laboratory's technical director. Moreover, the labs have got two administrators (A.Meletiou and S.Bouros), for the Unix and NT networks.
The division of Telecommunications works in close connection with U.S. and European Research Centers and Universities as well as with European Telecommunication Companies. The Professors and the members of the Laboratories have participated and are currently participating to various international research projects.

Facilities and infrastracture

The equipment of the laboratories includes 5 Sun Workstations, 5 Intel Pentium Pro based Intergraph Workstations running Solaris, all operating on the same local network. There are also many Intel's Pentium based PCs running Windows 98, 2000 and Windows NT4 which interoperate with the main LAN. In addition, many modern software packages have been installed in most of the workstations and PCs such as Comnet for network design and simulation and NUANCE speech recognition toolkit for speech recognition applications. Finaly, the laboratories are equiped with high-quality preamplifier, microphone and headphones all used for speech recordings and on-line speech recognition.

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