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Network & Telecommunication Division
Dept. of Electronics & Computer Engineering
Technical University
Of Crete
Chania, Greece

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[NOTE: Dec. 2011] This is my OLD web page. I finished my PhD thesis. Find my new Resume here.

Welcome !

This is my OLD page. I finished my PhD thesis. Find my new Resume here


I am a graduate student of Electronics & Computer Engineering department, currently pursuing a Ph.D under the supervision of Alexandros Potamianos. I am currently working on multimodal interfaces and more specifically on the topic of blending speech and graphical interfaces.
Previously, i pursued a Master degree under the supervision of Vassilios Digalakis. My master and diploma thesis focus was on speech coding for deployment of speech recognition applications over data networks. You can directly go to my diploma thesis "Distributed Speech Recognition for wireless/wired data networks (Internet/GPRS) using 2 Kbps coding", or you can browse my speech page where you can find useful information about new exciting speech technologies.

An OLD resume of mine can be found here. For more information about me go to personal section.

Manolis Perakakis