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general stuuff

more web and xml articles

IC Online - XML Resource Links
IEEE - IC Online Resource Links
Talk SOAP (Web Techniques, Oct 2001)
Why XML Is Meant for Java
XML-RPC Home Page


Allied Business Intelligence -team
Allied Business Intelligence
allNetDevices - High-Speed Text Entry for Handhelds
Brighthand - Discussions
BrightHand - PocketLinux-on-ipaq
Brighthand - the intelligent place for handheld computing
commweb - The voice web
commweb - Voice Portal Solutions Host Or Buy
commweb - Who's Who In Today's Voice Web
developerWorks a worldwide resource for developers
DSR people
Ericsson Publications
Nokia - TheFeature
Nokia - TheFeature- GPRS
Nokia 5510
OMAP Developers Network(Symbian)
Open Source, Java Voice-Over-IP Available
PockePcPassion - Software Wish List
PocketGear.com - Nokia Card
PocketGear.com RukSun MSN IM with GPRS
Researchers Bring Voice Recognition to Palmtops
Sharp Linux-Java PDA Application Information
shortly - links
Symbian Developer EXPO 2001 - Home
the cluetrain manifesto

usefull searches

Google Groups - T39m, Bluetooth & GPRS & iPaq
Google Search - SMS over GPRS
Google Search - T39 iPaq GPRS
Google Search flite iPaq
voicerecognition.net - Voice-Users Mailing List
yahoo directory - Mobile Computing Wearable Computing
Yahoo directory - Voice Recognition

instant messaging

IM - Ericsson iPulse Extreme Messaging
IM - J2ME jabber client (uppli.com}
IM - Jabber - docs
IM - Jabber Server for free !
IM - Jabber Wireless Architecture.
IM - Jabber, Inc 2001 News
IM - Jabber.com, Inc
IM - Odigo Inc.
IM - Simplewire Home
IM - Simplewire - Wireless Instant Messaging Transport
IM - Simplewire
IM - The Business of Innovation(RedHerring.com)
IM - Voice Meets IM (Jabber and Nuance)
IM - Wirelless by RukSun
IM - with GPRS(Microsoft)
SMS - Speech2SMS system (ELVIS)
Softwired Inc. - Wireless JMS
Speech2SMS - Voice Signal Technologies
Wireless IM - Hayabooza


FreeTTS 1.1 - A speech synthesizer written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language
Java Debugging
Java developer
Java Speech Development Kit A Tutorial
JavaParty Features
oreilly.com -- Online Catalog JavaServer Pages
Servlets.com Servlet Engines
TheServerSide.com J2EE
Wireless Java Developer Homepage


Links - Distributed Multi-Agent Systems
Talking Point - The Home of Wireless Agents


article - Go wireless with J2ME and more(Javaworld)
ONJava.com - Embedded Java [Aug. 15, 2001]
Serious KVM Programming in Wireless World


Softwired Inc. - Wireless JMS


app - MVideo - Mobile Streaming Video Players
Symbian DevNet - Java Papers
Symbian DevNet - Quartz Java Developer Library
tools - MathFP for KVM


Mordax GPRS SpeedTest
SoftexMobile Technology - QSM


Europemedia.net News - J2ME over GPRS
News - Java moves to silicon for better phones - Tech News - CNET.com
NEWS - Java to percolate in 100 million Nokia phones - Tech News - CNET.com


developerWorks - Java native compilation
Further resources for Java Performance Tuning
Java Performance Tuning Site
Java Performance Tuning
Some tuning techniques covered in the emJava Performance Tuning-em book


Debian Java FAQ. - Introduction
Debian Java FAQ. - Java development
jGuru Bill Day's News Channel
Links - J2ME
Links - Mobile and Wireless Computing
paper - Developing Embedded Software in Java, Part 2
resources - List of Java compilers and virtual machines
site - Java Skyline News
site - kvmworld.com
site - Micro Java Network
Wireless Java Conference


book - Amazon J2ME books
book - Wireless Java for Symbian (Links & Downloads)
book - 'Wireless Java for Symbian Devices' (Chapter 1)


J2ME for Linux (press release)
J2ME(TM) - Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition
Java Wireless Developer Home
KVM Messages in K Virtual Machine (KVM)
KVM The K virtual machine (KVM) White Paper
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile


[ez-java LG TeleCom]
Aurora VLSI.com
SavaJe Technologies - J2SE for PDAs


Insignia Solutions - Accelerated Java Solutions for Information Appliances.
Java - Insignia.com (Jeode Platform)
Jeode - Datasheet
Jeode - Lineo
Jeode - Linux support
Jeode - White Paper
Jeode for iPaq


EmLinux - Embedded Linux
Google Search StrongArm Linux develop
Greg Haerr's Microwindows and NanoGUI Page
GSM Mobile Phones and Linux
infoSync Project Mercury uncloaked
Intrinsyc Software CerfPDA
iPAQLinux.com -- Put some Linux in your hand
JAVA Apps for Linux PDAs (Draft)
Lineo - Where Open Meets Smart
LinuxDevices.com - Java onthe embedded Linux portal News View Full text
LinuxDevices.com - Linux Cool devices
LinuxDevices.com - Linux systems for embedded projrcys
LinuxDevices.com - SerfCube
LinuxDevices.com - the embedded Linux portal Articles View Full text
LinuxDevices.com - the embedded Linux portal Embedded Linux forum
LinuxDevices.com - the embedded Linux portal News View Full text
LinuxJournal.Embedded - References
PalmPalm - press
The Familiar 2002-February Archive by Subject
The iPAQ 2002-February Archive by Subject
The LART Pages
The LinuxBIOS Home Page
Trolltech - Qt Palmtop Environment 1.4
Trolltech - Qt Palmtop Environment
Trolltech - Search
Y . O . P . Y . D . E . V . E . L . O . P . E . R


LWN - Distributions
MontaVista Home Page
the Unofficial YOPY developers site


IP xStream(1)
IP xStream
Mobile Linux -Linux is On The Move
Quicknet Technologies, Inc. - Home of the Internet PhoneJAC
The AT&T Broadband Phone system



Handspring Developers Support and Programs
Handspring Developers Wireless
Handspring Treo 180 Details
Palm OS Palm OS SDK version 3.5
PalmPalm - press
Sharp PDA
Sharp Zaurus (SL-5000D) vs Ipaq
Sharp Zaurus developer
Sharp Zaurus Open Source Developer Community


[iPAQ] CMU flite speech synthesis for ipaq
BrightHand iPaq Review
Dave's Compaq Ipaq Site
iPaq Offer - 500$ with CF!
pocketPCpassion - review - H3800


512MB Compact Flash apo tin Lexar! - www.ezboard.com
Compaq Ipaq H3630 and 1 Gig IBM Microdrive!!
iPAQ Pocket PC Wireless Pack for GSM-GPRS
iPAQ Pocket PC Wireless Pack -U.S. QuickSpecs
Pocket PC Writer Net - iPaq Wireless Pack Reiview


Compaq DirectPlus
Compaq.com - Compaq in New England
Compaq.com - Corporate Research
Compaq.com - Handhelds options
Compaq.com - Handhelds solutions
Compaq.com - Inform Magazine
Compaq.com - iPAQ Pocket PC compatible hardware
Compaq.com - iPAQ Pocket PC expansion packs
Compaq.com - iPAQ Pocket PC options
Compaq.com - iPAQ Pocket PC
IPAQ Developer
Jeode for iPAQ


[iPAQ] DSR question
[iPAQ] gcc (2)
[iPAQ] gcc
[iPAQ] iSoundd (ipaq sound daemon)
[iPAQ] Red Hat eCos and RedBoot on iPAQ
ARM Tool Chain
arm toolchains
Debian GNU-Linux -- ARM Port
handhelds.org -- Home Page
handhelds.org -- SkiffClusterProject
handhelds.org compile and develop for iPaq
handhelds.org HandheldsQuestions
handhelds.org IRC Log For February 02, 2001
handhelps.org The iPAQ 2001-Febr Archive
Linux on iPaq stuff
QPE on iPaq running familiar
QPE on the iPAQ for Intimate
Trolltech - Qt Palmtop - Screenshots


Linux DA - Home
LISA systems - mobile Linux (2)
LISA systems - mobile Linux (3)
LISA systems - mobile Linux
PocketLinux on iPAQ
QNX on the iPaq Screen Shots


infoSync - New iPAQs officially unveiled


allNetDevices - Compaq Handhelds to Get GPRS
Unwired-I.Net - Compaq GPRS Jacket
Xircom CreditCard GPRS Wireless Modem
Xircom GPRS-enabled PCMCIA card


Nokia Card Phone 2.0
Nokia Card Phone Linux Downloads
Unwired-I.Net Nokia Card Phone 2.0


Pocket PC Passion!
Pocket PC Thoughts
startpoint.gr - 3G


VNCViewer for PocketPC

speech and DSR

Avios Conference Program
Clarity.com - Applications
conversay.com - Mobile Conversay SDk
DSR people - Brian W. Delaney
Links - Speech-Acoustic (japan)
MERL - Spoken Language Interfaces
Panasonic Job Opportunities with PTI-PSTL (Santa Barbara, CA)
Requirements for DSR protocols and Conversational Engine remote control
SpeechTek - Anna article
SpeechTEK - Discover the possibilities of speech
Stephane Maes External Publications
www.wavemakers.com - clearstream


Accessibility - Mozilla
software - Eizel.com (Intelligent Content Transformation)
W3C and WAP convergance
W3C Mobile Access Activity Statement
W3C Mobile Access Interest Group Charter
W3C Voice Browser Activity
W3C Voice Browser Requirements Introduction
W3C Voice Speech Interface Framework
W3C WAP Cooperation
wearable - Hitachi - Wearable Internet Appliance
Wearable Computing
XML The XML Pages
XML viewml micro-browser


commercial products

GPRS - Trillium GPRS software for operators
Hardware - Parthus - Powering the Mobile Internet
Harware - Zucotto Wireless(for Java)
mi4e.com - Embedded Mobilisation Server
Vizzavi WEB to SMS
Wavelink.com - Studio
Zcore - Zondigo, Inc.


devel - Ericsson Mobile Internet
devel - Forum Nokia
devel - Mobile Applications Initiative (or gprsworld)
devel - Motorola Wireless Development Center
devel - The WAP-dev Archives (Anywhereyougo.com)
GSMworld.com - Association Awards 2002
Symbian's GT v6.1
Symbian's Quartz


Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association Welcome
Datamonitor - speech recognition
GSMworld.com - The Home of GSM on the Web
org - SMPP Forum.
pervasive - MIT Project Mercury unclocked(infosync)
site - AnywhereYouGo.com (J2ME-SMS-WAP-WIRELESS)
site - Dag Brattli
site - internet.com's Wireless Resources (14 sites)
site - mobilesms.com
site - WAP resources- (cellular.co.za)
site - Wireless Developer Network (SMS-WAP-JAVA)
Slashdot Voicestream has GPRS In The U.S.
Telecoms.com - careers


kth.se - Gerald Q. Chip Maguire Jr.
kth.se - Spring 2001 projects


magazine - Mobile Communications International

more links

Links - gsmdata.com
Links - GSMworld.com - Mobile Data Sites
Links - Links2mobile.com
Links - Research & Student (MobilQue)
Links - TelecomResearch.com Industry Links and Resources
Links - Wireless Data Services (WDS) - InfoBase Industry


3G Newsroom 3G News



GPRS - All about GPRS (mobileGPRS.com)
GPRS - links (Finland)
GPRS-HOWTO - http--turtiainen.dna.fi-
GSMworld.com - An Introduction to GPRS


GSM overview (Javier Gozalvez)


GSMworld.com - SMS Overview
Search Results - SMS over GPRS
SMS - channel(WDN)
SMS - tutorial (iec)
SMS with Java SDK by Simplewire (WDN)


MBusinessDaily -- VoiceEnabled wireless operators(USA)
speech - Galaxy Communicator
speech - MIT Galaxy
speech - Mobile SDK (conversay)
speech - Speech.NET Donate (Microsoft)

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