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From "Holy Stone" (Ierapetra)...

My home town Ierapetra (means : Holy Stone) is the southern-most and sunniest city of Europe! The weather is warm and so are it's people (hot!). If you ever visit Ierapetra you will 've the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and travel to Chrysi island a tropic-like island with the clearest waters you can ever see in Europe. Ierapetra is a very quite place ideal for someone to settle down! (home sweet home!). I always go home at Christmas times, Eastern and summer (mainly August) where i meet my family and friends to drink ouzo and raki and 've good time !

To Chania ...

I moved to Chania Sep '93 to attend to Technical University Crete. The '93 class were a very impressive class since out of the thirty(30) students more that 15 hold (or gonna hold) a Masters or Doctoral degree! But more importantly, we keep being close to each other and still in frequent contact.

Most of my '93 class colleagues and best friends left to pursue an academic career abroad (USA and UK) :

Some others like me, Harizakis and Horianopoulos preferred to stay in Greece. The future will show if this was a right decision!

.. and some favorite stuff ...

Favorite movies : Favorite books : Favorite music : Music makes you happy! You can find beautiful sounds in all kinds of music. Apart from my CD's and mp3's i am usually plugged to Klik FM and specially to the following producers : Psarianos "the one and the only" (12-2) , Maria Petridi (4-6), Maria Papidaki(8-10), Anna Maria Harokopou.
Manolis Perakakis
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