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[Update :] Desktop version of CuteJim now uses SWT (will update it soon))
[Note :] :This version of CuteJim uses the lightweigth dog.gui lib which offers Swing-like Look and Feel
[Note :] Cutejim is the java version (j2se, j2me) of QtJim

About Cutejim :

  Cutejim (stands for Cute Jabber Instant Messenger) is a cute client for the jabber instant messaging protocol written in Java. Jabber is not just another IM system like icq, aim, etc. It is a platform based on open standards (XML) and provides advanced facilities for its users. For more information about jabber, please visit

Cutejim provides access to jabber services in a cute and intuitive way, trying to make the best of it. Although in its early stages of development (>300k code size), much effort has been spent to make cutejim as stable and complete as possible. Although it doesn't use Swing gui, it provides a Swing-like user interface(see here) by extending java.awt classes. For example it has a Tree like widget to depict the roster, a Wizard to search for a user in the jabber directory and many many more advanced features! By using a lightweight gui version, cutejim has the same Look and feel across all platforms and is quite fast!

Cutejim is written in java and is available for both desktop machines (compatible with jdk versions 1.1.8 and later) and pdas like Zaurus and iPaq (Perosnal Java).

Please visit cutejim's comprehensive manual (contains more than 30 screenshots!) here

Please visit cutejim's download page here

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