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Information for Technical Committee Members

Technical committee members are in charge of supervising the review process for the papers assigned to them. They are responsible (i) for selecting reviewers for each paper, (ii) making sure that the reviews are provided in a timely manner, (iii) provide their own (independent) review of the papers assigned to them, and (iv) act as meta-reviewers resolving conflicting reviews. This process is managed by the online review system (TC members are labeled as primary reviewers for the papers assigned to them in the system). TC members may be asked by the technical chairs to provide additional information about marginal papers once the review process is complete.

Information For Reviewers

Reviewers are selected by technical committee members based on their expertise assigned to them. Every effort will be made to reduce the reviewer load this year to a maximum of five (5) papers. A minimum of three reviewers (including the primary TC member) will be assigned to each papers. The reviewer's contribution is essential for producing accurate, timely and detailed reviews to all ICMI submitted papers and is much appreciated. Please log into the online review system to enter your review.

Last modified: May 15, 2008