Current Projects
Ambiently-Powered Network Computers: Batteryless Internet-of-Things-That-Think!
Intelligent Repeaters and Robots for Fast, Reliable, Low-Cost RFID Inventorying & Localization

Past Projects
Ambient Backscatter Sensor Networks under Nonlinear Energy Harvesting
Wireless Power Transmission for Sustainable Electronics
Environmental Sensing with Backscatter Radio and Backscatter Sensor Networks, RFIDs.
Distributed Resource Allocation
Narrow-band Cooperative (Network) Localization
Building WSNs for Precision Agriculture and City-wide Water Savings
Distributed Emergency Radio
Relay selection and interference avoidance
Analysis of the h-index and large-scale bibliometric footprints
Cooperation in Practice in Wireless Communication and Networks, with Implementation Examples
Autonomous Time Keeping in Distributed Sensor Networks
Network Beatles - Tabletop Location Estimation through Wireless Networking
LithoLab - Nanoscale Finger Control Interface
Physical Limitations on the Expansion of Internet
Esopos - Hellenic Text-to-Speech System
(Undegraduate Thesis work, commercialized in 1999)