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From left-to-right: Tountas, Alexiou, Kabianakis, Asteris, Markopoulos, Sklivanitis, Kimionis, Vlachaki, Spiliotis.


Name Kampianakis Lefteris
Code Name "Kampianis"
Quote "Nothing will work unless you do"


Name Markopoulos Panagiotis
Code Name "hey... Panos"
Quote "Impossible is nothing"


Name Tountas Konstantinos
Code Name Lab Assistant
Quote "Check the manual"


Name Asteris Megasthenis
Code Name "Megas"
Quote "Let's get it to work first..."


Name Kimionis John
Code Name "Jeico"
Quote "Nothing works on the first try"


Name Sklivanitis George
Code Name "Skliva"
Quote "Less is more"


Name Konstantinos Spiliotis
Code Name "Korre"
Quote "Ordnung muss sein"


People in action...



Assistant Professor Aggelos Bletsas
ECE Department, Technical Univ. of Crete
Kounoupidiana Campus, Akrotiri
73100, Chania GREECE
tel. +30-28210-37377
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